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Wake Up to the Best Options for Factoring Options

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

The factoring is a receivables management solution for companies working in B to B (business to business), allowing them to benefit from short-term financing from replacing conventional bank loans, cash facilities or supplement those -this.

Factoring is based on the assignment of customer invoices to a specialized financial institution, the factor, which allows the company to meet its cash requirements and be supported in all phases of development. Factoring includes the guarantee of the receivables, the collection of the invoices and the management of the customer settlements. With the accounts receivable factoring this is essential

Factoring: a financing solution

The funding , since, without waiting for the end of the maturity of customer invoices, the company can receive according to their needs, and in a very short time (between 24 hours and less than 48 hours), all or part of the amount of invoices transferred. The factoring company thus supports and promotes the development of its customers by increasing their financing methods.

Different forms of factoring are available to companies to meet their specific cash requirements.

Risk prevention and the guarantee against unpaid bills

The risk prevention and security against unpaid since the factoring company enables organizations to guard against any risk of default of their clients. In case of insolvency, companies can recover up to 100% of the amount of their customer invoices.

Customer account management

The management of the customer account, since the factor is responsible for all aspects of this management (maintenance of accounts receivable, identification and allocation of payments, amicable recovery, pre-litigation and litigation of customer invoices).

 Factoring: a flexible solution to finance cash flow

The factoring contract complements the commercial, financial and credit insurance information system in the management of the receivables.

It is the most flexible solution allowing having a contribution of cash which follows the evolution of the needs of the company.

So relieved of certain administrative constraints, your company can entirely devote itself to its job!

The reverse factoring, as its name suggests, allows a client company to apply a factor to pay his supplier in the time on the bill. After the payment the factor turns against the client company to be paid for a commission which comes to burden the cost of the initial claim.

Still called factoring purchases or factoring provider, this technique is useful for companies that can go through cash difficulties but cannot run the risk of having default with their supplier so as never to be short of stock. These are usually large commercial or single-vendor businesses.

You keep the mastery and management of the client workstation. It is you who raise your customers and entrust to your litigation department reminders in case of late payment, or even to initiate prosecution if necessary.

General Options for the Freight Transport Options

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Moving into a new home is a real test – for nerves and organizational abilities. True to themselves, most Bulgarians prefer to deal with themselves without anyone giving them advice. But they are looking for such things to make things as accurate as possible. So, below, we synthesized some of the most important moments when packing luggage when moving to make it the most uncomfortable.

Take Time

Even if you cannot take your leave, spend every night of your time to organize things. Do not think you have no belongings. Many people think they have not accumulated much, but an impressive amount is always collected. So start earlier so you do not get nervous about your deadlines (if you have one). We strongly recommend that you judge what items you can free yourself – old clothes, ones that do not get you, outdated patterns, and so on. You can donate them if they are fit for wear. The same applies to your other items, things that you have forgotten that you have or have not used for years, you certainly will not need. For the Free Freight Search’s loadboard you will need to know more.

Packaging Materials

Many transport companies offer appropriate packaging means. If you’ve decided to trust professionals, you can either advise or buy directly from them boxes, tape, aerospace, and so on. If not, you can freely choose from the store network. We advise you not to choose too large cartons. It is much easier to carry medium and small cartons.

Some people do not trust cartons as far as fragile household utensils are concerned. Among the most popular ways to transport them is placing them in basins (preferably brand new ones), seriously packing newspapers, then packing well with stretch and / or aerosol.

An excellent way to transport your clothes is in vacuum bags. With their help you can put up a huge amount of clothes in a very small space. We advise you not to sort them by which garment they are, and by what season they are – winter, summer and spring-autumn. Foam cushions and crushing fabrics are not suitable for vacuuming.

Make A List

Lists are very useful for transfer, because with their help you will know in which box what is there and where to take it. We encourage you to number the boxes from all sides, and in your list, in front of each number, you can record which room is and what is in it. For example: box 1 – bedroom (blankets, bed linen, pillows, towels, clothes, etc.), box 2 – children’s room (children’s clothing, bedding, cosmetics, etc.).

The best thing to do is start with the things you use the least and finish with those you use daily. So you will not dig in the boxes and look for them.

Once you have packed everything, it remains to be transported to the new home. Here you have several options – a few courses in your free time with a private car, organize your weekends or trust professional movers and transport services.

Proper Opportunities for the Right Factoring Options

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion the terms leasing and factoring, but although they may seem two similar concepts are two types of financing for very different companies and cannot occur in the same situations. Today we tell you what are the differences between leasing and factoring.


The leasing is a form of financing also known as leasing. Its operation is very simple: a tenant gives all rights of use of a property to a landlord in exchange for a fixed amount of money.

Leasing contract

Leasing contracts can include all types of goods, including real estate, in which case the minimum term of the contract will be ten years and, for other types of goods, this period of time is reduced to two years.

The leasing has an interesting peculiarity and that is that at the end of the lease, the landlord has the option to buy the good that has been enjoying a residual price , that is, the subtraction of the amount that has been paying month to month at the price original of the good. Now that Commission express is a simple process you will be having the best option.

Leasing is a very interesting option for businesses that are starting their activity and cannot make a large investment, for example, computer equipment and printers, there are companies that are dedicated to rent these devices through leasing and some in the fee include the maintenance of them and then you can choose to buy them.


The factoring is a form of short – term financing that although is specially designed for large enterprises, SMEs also use some.

In this modality a company looks for a factoring company that is the one that assumes the invoices generated by sales and that it is she who, enocasiones, reclame the debt to the person to whom we have sold our products or services. That is, the person who had a debt with your company would now have it with the factoring company.

As you have seen, the factoring companies assume a great risk and, therefore, there are two types of factoring: without recourse in which the factoring company bears all the risk that the debtor does not pay and, factoring with recourse in that it is the client who would assume the debtor’s default.

Whether you opt for leasing or factoring, you will have to equip your business with the best rate for telephony and Internet for companies, enter our website or call us free at 1496 and we will inform you of all our services.