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Bricks! The Building Blocks of Construction

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Have you ever built a house or some other structure out of LEGO®? Many children who played with LEGO® went into construction because of a discovered passion for building things as well as an urge to make blocks fit together to fulfil a greater purpose. And much as you needed the correct size blocks for every project, in construction it is important to get the right building bricks from your brick supplier.

Cement stock bricks

One of the more affordable brick options available, cement stock bricks are manufactured with a combination of crushed stone and cement. This gives them a fair amount of strength and high density which is perfect for non-load bearing walls. For use in walls with a load, these bricks take well to reinforcement and plastering applications, while still providing excellent affordability. Especially when building single-storey structures you should strongly consider asking your building brick supplier about cement stock bricks.

Clay stock bricks

For those who want walls that are durable and easy to maintain, while also having an aesthetic appeal that does not require plastering, ask your brick supplier for some quality clay stock bricks. Clay bricks are more durable than cement stock bricks, can take a greater load and prove more cost effective in the long run. Clay bricks also add value to your home in terms of comfort – they are fire resistant and provide excellent thermal insulation – and resale value. And for those who are passionate about minimising their carbon footprint, the technology used by most factories in producing these bricks has greatly reduced energy consumption requirements, thus aiding in the conservation of the environment.

Another way in which your building brick supplier can help you make a difference is by pointing you towards the most reliable aggregate suppliers nearby. The aggregate is used in many construction applications such as road construction, earthworks, and it is also a major component of building foundations. Rubble from demolitions and construction sites is becoming an ecological and spatial problem, but if your aggregate supplier can supply you with recycled aggregate – made from suitable rubble that has gone through a multistage crushing process – it will help ease the environmental load of landfill sites while also providing you with quality material.

Maxi bricks

Another favourite from building brick suppliers is Maxi bricks. Maxi bricks are generally made using cement, but clay and other varieties are available. These bricks are popular for use in low-cost housing as their larger size than stock imperial bricks leads to reduced labour costs as well as needing fewer bricks. Some brick suppliers and builders are concerned about the strength of Maxi bricks, but with proper reinforcement these bricks have proven capable of holding for years without incident.

Speak to a reputable brick supplier to get exactly what you need, because as you can see there is a wealth of choices out there to spoil you.