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Find out the ideal load board service for you without much hassle

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

For an individual this “blablacar” of logistics will allow you to facilitate the repatriation of used second-hand items on the internet, to facilitate your moves or to send to your loved ones forgotten items at home during their stay. For the professionals, all the interest of the site resides in the fact that a merchant not having many contacts or knowledge in this field will be able to quickly find solutions to make carry his pallets or to transport merchandise.

Find your transport

Side carrier the interesting point that offers the site is that you can find activity on the routes where you 1would normally empty! An eco-friendly alternative with a good image and tools (real-time notification of new deliveries available according to their geographical and logistical preferences, a unique platform to find customers more easily).

As for your trip to make you have the ability to select the city of departure / arrival, intermediate steps and a mini-map allows you to view the route you will be borrowing your find from the web.

Side “carriers” offering their services, again no panic! They find “standards” to secure the operation: individual profile or profile, rating system and “customers” advice to be sure of the transport you choose. In addition, all carriers are professionals verified and approved by the site following a verification of legal documents (transport license). So, no bad surprises, all transport is insured.

All free load board for truckers made via the site is secure and insured. A well-established good transporting team carries out a daily follow-up with the carriers and the advertisers in order to propose the best possible service and an evolution in adequacy with the expectations of the users. Follow-up and customer service are essential points for our team. Find Your Transport is also a growing and dynamic user community: carrier evaluation and presence on social networks. They are constantly attentive to prices and services offered on the site to provide the best value for money. TTT is a dynamic and young startup they will want to provide the most adapted service to the transport needs of individuals and businesses.