If you are in the apartment is under repair, then the installation of the air conditioner should be done until the moment when the finishing work will be done. In this case, all communications easily hide in the wall; in addition, the installation of air conditioners in the room at the repair stage will be 1.5 times cheaper than in the premises with decoration.

Installing the Air Conditioner Now

If you intend to install an air conditioning system during repairs, do this before the finishing work. You can lay all the necessary communication and wiring in the wall, and only then finish the finish, without spoiling the fruits of your work. In addition, the installation of climate equipment in the premises where repairs are being carried out at that time will cost about 1.5 times cheaper. Find all the good at aircon servicing Singapore now in this matter.

The Smartest Choice

When choosing a split system, pay attention to the power of the equipment. It is important to take into account all the heat-generating devices in the room when calculating the optimum power. The installation of a more powerful air conditioner will allow you to remain confident in the long service life of the device and in its capabilities to maintain a comfortable microclimate and temperature in the room.

The Perfect Air Conditioner

Inverter-type air conditioners are more economical, while they regulate the temperature regime in the apartment more gently. In the heating mode in the cold season, consuming 1 kW of electrical energy, these systems supply about 4 kW of heat to the room.

  • Before buying an air conditioner, consider the installation location of the external system module. The best option is a balcony or window opening. This will greatly simplify the cleaning and access to the unit during maintenance than if it is installed on a blind wall of a multi-storey building. Especially with the second option installation will cost you a large amount.
  • The internal module is important to ensure a normal air flow and the absence of any obstacles within 2m of the module outlet openings. When choosing the place of installation of the internal module, it is necessary to avoid the possibility of getting the flow of outgoing air to places of rest and work.

A conventional air conditioning system can remove up to two liters of water from the air in 1 hour of operation, so it is necessary to discuss with the masters of the delicacy of laying the drainage system in advance: the withdrawal will be made outside the building or through the sewage system; the need to install a heating system to prevent freezing of water in cold periods. With the best deal developer sales in Singapore you will be able to have the smartest options now.

  • Window conditioners cannot be closed blinds and curtains of dense material, as this will cause a decline in its performance. When choosing the type of air conditioner, please note that in offices and apartments equipped with double-glazed windows or PVC windows, installation of window systems will be expensive, and the equipment itself will not be able to work on the hood.

Comfortable microclimate raises the quality of a person’s life to a new level. That’s why it’s worthwhile to carefully approach the selection of the air conditioner, selecting the optimum power and type for your room.