Two or three years ago, there were very few people interested in recycling garbage in business. In recent years, the processing of solid household wastes in Europe a profitable and promising business. But is it profitable for them to study?

Garbage processing: relevance and prospects

Garbage processing is an acute problem of nature and society, which requires an immediate solution. According to the latest data, there is more than 3 billion tons of waste, the number of which is increasing 50 times from each year.

What makes garbage processing a promising kind of small business?

  • The emergence of inexpensive domestic equipment of small and medium performance;
  • The emergence of small-scale production of recyclable materials, which expands the market;
  • Possible prohibition on incineration of garbage, suitable for processing.

It should be noted that if the last item comes into force, sorting and processing will become even more profitable and non-alternative activity.

Garbage processing: equipment and premises

First of all, it is necessary to equip the industrial premises in accordance with fire and sanitary norms. It should also be taken into account that its area should be at least 300-500 m 2. It is important that the production hall is located away from living quarters. The minimum distance is not less than 600 m.

As for the equipment, the minimum set for equipping the processing shop includes:

  • Sorting line;
  • Crusher;
  • Storage bunker;
  • Magnet;

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Undoubtedly, the processing of garbage is profitable and rational investment of funds, which will soon bring a tangible income. The main thing in such a business is to organize the activity correctly and find customers even at the stage of becoming a company. Now that the skip bin hire prices are specific, you will be having the best setups.

The simplest solution to the always urgent problem of collection and removal of domestic waste in the overwhelming majority of cases is the installation of special containers in designated areas. Usually they are designed for several private houses. Given the schedule of their filling, with a certain period of time comes the truck and takes out the garbage to the nearest landfill. It would seem that everything is simple? But this scheme at a high enough cost has a low efficiency, so it cannot be called as economically viable as the processing of waste.

This method is also quite costly: you need to purchase rubbishpresses, mesh containers for waste collection and other equipment. However, if we consider the whole process as a whole, processing turns out to be a profitable business. It can be done both by the owners of cottages, and the management company. Investments necessary to start a business for waste processing pay off within a year, then the time for obtaining a stable income begins. In addition to commercial benefits, this method of recycling garbage is much safer for the environment: people do not pollute the place they live in. This allows increasing the ecological attractiveness and general status of the village.