Moving into a new home is a real test – for nerves and organizational abilities. True to themselves, most Bulgarians prefer to deal with themselves without anyone giving them advice. But they are looking for such things to make things as accurate as possible. So, below, we synthesized some of the most important moments when packing luggage when moving to make it the most uncomfortable.

Take Time

Even if you cannot take your leave, spend every night of your time to organize things. Do not think you have no belongings. Many people think they have not accumulated much, but an impressive amount is always collected. So start earlier so you do not get nervous about your deadlines (if you have one). We strongly recommend that you judge what items you can free yourself – old clothes, ones that do not get you, outdated patterns, and so on. You can donate them if they are fit for wear. The same applies to your other items, things that you have forgotten that you have or have not used for years, you certainly will not need. For the Free Freight Search’s loadboard you will need to know more.

Packaging Materials

Many transport companies offer appropriate packaging means. If you’ve decided to trust professionals, you can either advise or buy directly from them boxes, tape, aerospace, and so on. If not, you can freely choose from the store network. We advise you not to choose too large cartons. It is much easier to carry medium and small cartons.

Some people do not trust cartons as far as fragile household utensils are concerned. Among the most popular ways to transport them is placing them in basins (preferably brand new ones), seriously packing newspapers, then packing well with stretch and / or aerosol.

An excellent way to transport your clothes is in vacuum bags. With their help you can put up a huge amount of clothes in a very small space. We advise you not to sort them by which garment they are, and by what season they are – winter, summer and spring-autumn. Foam cushions and crushing fabrics are not suitable for vacuuming.

Make A List

Lists are very useful for transfer, because with their help you will know in which box what is there and where to take it. We encourage you to number the boxes from all sides, and in your list, in front of each number, you can record which room is and what is in it. For example: box 1 – bedroom (blankets, bed linen, pillows, towels, clothes, etc.), box 2 – children’s room (children’s clothing, bedding, cosmetics, etc.).

The best thing to do is start with the things you use the least and finish with those you use daily. So you will not dig in the boxes and look for them.

Once you have packed everything, it remains to be transported to the new home. Here you have several options – a few courses in your free time with a private car, organize your weekends or trust professional movers and transport services.