Professional washing of windows is a good solution for shop windows, offices, residential buildings, since windows are not only light sources in rooms, but also an image factor that influences the mood of those living or working indoors.

  • This service can be useful to those who live or work in a multi-storey building, and owners of individual buildings. Window cleaning by professionals is purity, light and preservation of free time.

When calculating what the cleaning of windows in an apartment will cost, prices in St. Petersburg will depend on the degree of their contamination, the availability of convenient access, as well as the location of windows and the volume of the order. In any case, professional washing equipment and special detergents will be required, not only giving transparency and shine to the glass surface, but also preserving them for a long time.Hence, engaging in a commercial cleaning Singapore company this happens to be the best options for you now.

How to order washing windows

Order a professional washing window is not difficult, just go to a specialized company, whose experts have experience and professional skills.If the windows go out into the green quiet courtyard, professional window care services will be required quite rarely – about once every six months. The rest of the time to keep the windows clean can be by rubbing with ordinary household detergents. If the windows are on highways with intensive traffic, they will need frequent professional washing, and in this case it is advisable to conclude a contract with a specialized company for permanent maintenance.

Washing windows in the apartment is a task facing the residents of the metropolis with an enviable regularity.Looking at the city through a cleanly washed window is nice and comfortable, but even more pleasant is that you can call a specialized company and order this service to qualified specialists. Windows will be cleaned with effective certified tools and special equipment.

Advantages of professional window cleaning

If you decide to order washing windows in the apartment, the prices in St. Petersburg for such a service will pleasantly surprise you. The very same procedure will completely exclude harm to your health. To wash frames and double-glazed windows from the outside – the occupation is very risky, if your windows are located above the ground floor.


Professionals have special equipment for washing, and on the upper floors they work with insurance. The result of the work of professional clinics will be guaranteed brilliant. The glass will be rubbed to full transparency, the customer will be pleased with the washed profile, neat slopes and window sills. Minimize and the possibility of damage to windows, as professional clinics for each material will select the optimal cleaning agent.

At each stage of the work, quality control will be carried out, so the customer, turning to the cleaning company, is guaranteed to get perfectly cleaned transparent windows at an affordable price.